Stuart was the first minion picked by Kevin to help join him on his quest to gain a new master. Stuart, though not paying attention to Kevin's speech, agrees to join despite not knowing anything about what's coming ahead. Bob is then picked after him, and they all head out to find a new master.

Once the Minions arrive in New York City, he becomes instantly distracted by a record shop that has a guitar on display, which causes Stuart to envision himself as a rockstar. He follows along with the other Minions to Villain-Con, where they meet Scarlet Overkill and become her new Minions. However, Scarlet later turns against the Minions, but Kevin manages to rescue them all. At the end, when Queen Elizabeth rewards the three Minions with gifts, he was first given a snowglobe, which made him dissapointed, but it was revealed to be Kevin's idea as a prank. He is given an electric guitar after all, which he rocked for a while along with the crowd although he breaks this and reluctantly takes the snowglobe instead, even liking it.