Bumblebee was born as one of the last generation to be created from the Well of Allsparks after it had seized producing life. During 'The Great War for Cybertron', Bumblebee joined the Autobots where he fought alongside  Optimus Prime and several other comrades during the centeuries-old skirmish. Bumblebee is one of Optimus Prime's most trusted soldiers He is one of the strongest and most powerful of the Autobots, Bumblebee has a bottomless well of luck, determination and bravery. He would gladly give his life to protect others and stop the Decepticons. Badly damaged in battle for the war of Cybertron, Bumblebee lost the ability to speak verbally after he got his voice box smashed by Megatron, though he can still communicate over inter-Autobot frequencies (in a fashion that seems somewhat akin to instant messaging, a usable but more distant and less personal means of interaction). He can also communicate with the Autobots' human allies and his friend. However his voiced box was later fixed, letting him speak normally again.


  • Robot Form
  • Vehicle Mode